Thursday, December 6, 2012

Get Back

Trust me, I really do wanna manage my blog for this holiday, but shifting house is really no joke. Everything in the house seems to have their own spirit, they know we are moving, thus there must be things gonna left behind and some will be moving with us. Some of those things left have stronger spirit to represent their unwillingness for being soon abandoned, they just magically suicide, including Unifi and tv. I am now living in a house with no wifi and tv, and that is literally killing me. How I post this? thank God for Mcdonald's wifi. Also, thanks to my brother who came home before I died of boredom.

Been spending a lot lately, mostly on clothes. Man, this whole year-end-sale thingy is killing me, and my wallet. The poorer I get, the higher the temptation. You won't know which to give up, maybe not you but me. I have a lot of idea on what to blog, but when I finally get in touch to wifi, pooof! They gone. Inspirations! Mind, Y U NO WORK?????

Anyway, this was so last month, finally visited Batu Caves after years. And holy taufufa, I guess I'm still pretty enough to get attract attention... TROLOLOL! Nahhh, it's not that. We met three guys there, from Hong Kong. They were just being kind, helping us to take some pictures, so in return we recommend them nice and cheap food and catch them a more budget cab. Planned to bring them to the shop but it's either the driver sent them somewhere else or they ran away thinking we might con them, so end of story. Lol. Ahh! No fate, no fate!! Hahaha.

Ikr, EYES! Y U NO OPEN???!!! 
Ahha! And that's one of those three guys there on the right. 
 Sorry dude, hope you had a nice trip in Malaysia, and your friends too. (:


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