Sunday, December 9, 2012

No Fun

No, those ain't fatty layers

So I finally shifted to another house. But it seems like I still don't sense the newly-shifted kinda feeling. No excitement, just unlike the last few times we move. The location, maybe? Nothing bad, but too faraway from the place we used to live in, too faraway from my comfort zone. All I gotta say is, Setapak is a great place, I will miss Setapak. (': And oh hi, Subang. I'm a newbie.

Still tolerating life without wifi and tv, soooooo bored! But thank God for mumsy's office, wifi isn't strong but I'm really thankful. And back to topic, what's no fun? Shifting house is. Up and down Setapak-Subang for at least 3 times yesterday. So goddamn tired, ok? Still things to be packed, I miss my old house now. Sobs.

Also accepting the fact that my room turns out to be quite different from what I want, that's even sadder. Money, please come to me! Have a great week people. Dooms day is near, ENJOY LIFE!


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