Sunday, December 23, 2012

Worrywart Jo

Merry everything and happy everyday people. :)

So that's Millionaire I'm hugging. If you have been a reader of mine since ages ago you might have know him.  Wanted to do the usual OOTD thing, but camera decided to suicide days before Christmas. Bad luck bastard. Not sure when is the new house going to get a phone line, there's no internet. Only relying on my data plan, and phone line sucks badly in the house. One moment 3-5 bars line, hand slightly moved few cm away and became NO SERVICE. 

Days been pretty unexciting. And I have zero plan for Christmas! Anyone feel the same? What's your plan for christmas? Mine, sleep thru Christmas days? Meh! I smell boredom all over me. Seriously, what happened to me? Zero ohm to celebrate any festive seasons. I even sense that I'm falling out of everything I love. Talked bout this to the cousin and a friend yesterday. I adore people who would do things according to their own feelings. It could be bad but the goodness defeats everything. I adore my aunt who would take out the effort to learn and to do things she likes. I guess I fail in everything because I think too much. Too much concern and that makes me regret almost everything that made me today. I felt as if I have lost myself. It's not just laziness, it's the worrywart in me! I guess I began to hate myself. 

Anyhoo, I survived dooms day. 2012 was pretty uninteresting. 2013 I await! 

ps: preloved items will be up soon. (: Check 'em out. 

xx, jo

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