Monday, January 14, 2013

Two Oh One Two, for the last time

Something worth listening to (:

New year eve was just good. Watched fireworks by the pool, it will be more than just good if there's alcohol in the house. Hahah. No, I'm not alcoholic, I just need crazy moments.Summing up my twenty twelve, it's not that bad you know. But but, hard times will definitely visit. It's not like a once in a lifetime thingy, it's an almost everyday surprise shiat!!

Jan: countdown, annual dinner, buddy bear, genting
Feb: Pulau Ketam, Valentines', CNY, Momsie's birthday, boyfie's birthday, anniversary
Mar: Aussie 7days trip. Most carefree days.
may: Weddings. Blessings. (:

may: Birthday!

june: Port Dickson with kiddos

July: Poco homemade\ zoo
july: langkawi
Aug: of meeting friends

Sept: Legoland
oct and nov were the exam month, hence grounded camera. dec, busy packing to shift house, shifted house then camera spoiled. but overall, 2012 wasn't that bad. really. (: just gotta stop being so emotional. more inspiration needed. need to get back the passion for fashion and also really need to start to lose weight!!! gained so much weight lately. meh!

p.s: received a text from a friend last few weeks saying something like she did not lived her life to the fullest. It sounded emo, and when I think again, did I? Did you? I often envy people who can just live happily with no worries in any form. Momentum needed!! Wolla 2013, please be very very good to me.

xx, jo

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