Thursday, March 7, 2013

Black Keys

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look at his moves, he makes me wanna dance to those weird moves. (:

took so long to update this dead blog, was suppose to do a new year resolution, and 2013 wish list. but hey you sweet pies! Did I ever mentioned that I passed my A-levels? Like finally, i know. And that also means getting busier than I was before. Courseworks and also exam coming on August. It seems there's still long time to go, but you just don't know, time passes in a blink of an eye. Five months can easily passed by without you even realizing. My camera is so dead, it's gonna take almost 600 to repair, I guess I would just get myself a new one instead. Any nice and cheap camera for sale? :(

Kinda busy with work and assignments lately. This new house is really killing me! No wifi, how to do research??? I can only do it during office hour. Not mentioning I have lots of other works to do. Oh God, please send me money so that I don't need to work. I'm feeling like an old woman already. Scumbag brain is not functioning well lately. Couldn't understand things I've studied, and need to spend extra time and effort to reread again. Whyyyyyy? BRAIN, Y U NO SMART?

How I wish to blog like those fashion bloggers, take pretty photos, attend fashion shows, travel and those pretty shits! Okok, lesser complain and live a happy life *fingerscrossed*

xx, jo

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