Monday, March 18, 2013

Taste of Berries

Just paid off my credit card bill and I'm half broke. But man, the poorer I get, the more temptations there are! THIS THAT!! I want 'em all!!! Hence, wishlist!!

1. Benefit beauty kit. How To Look Best at Everything. 
Instant beauty kit to perfection!! Alrite, it's not the must have on my list, because I'm one of those lazy bum who don't really care about my own appearance. How could someone walk down the street with such poor complexion, unbrush hair and ugh... Yeah, that's me. So unglam. MEH!

2. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Spring Colors, Mint!
To be honest, I'm not into high cuts sneakers, but if it's this, I really wouldn't mind! Spotted someone wearing this in the college, and I just couldn't get them out of my eyes. 

3. Birkenstock, Gizeh Graceful Mint
It's new and out of stock!! Must be a big hit, I guess. And yes, mint color again. *wink* 

4.New Balance shoes. 
Eyeing on few pairs. Windbreaker series are good enough. Because Nike is too mainstream ;)

5. Lumix GF5
Need a camera badly!! G11 was certified dead it cost around 600 to repair. I rather buy a new one then. And this Lumix GF 5 is pretty enough to caught my attention. Okay, maybe not this particular brand, as long as it is nice (as in design), lightweight and with high megapixel. 

6. Everything Soap & Glory
I am not a pink believer, but Soap & Glory's packaging are just so sweet. I want everything on their display counter! But if you really gotta choose one among them, I guess their Sit Tight Intense XS is a must have for girls like me who has slightly cellulite conscious. Go, you fatty layers!!

7. MacBook Air or Pro?
I don't know what's the difference, but anything will do. I am sick of this laptop now. It is getting way too bitchy after I've gotten it repaired. Lagging like constipation!! Urghhhh!!

Okay, okay! Let's start saving and get some check on the list! 2013 is gonna be great *fingerscrossed!

xx, jo

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