Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Sailor

Hello, it's me again. Oh well, who else could it be, right? Feeling much uninspired, hence explain why I rarely blog now. Life has been really... uninteresting. It's always about college, office, college and office. The thinking cap is not functioning at all. All it knows was eat, sleep, dramas, gossips and yeah, all the useless stuffs.Anyhoo, I cut my hair. Shoulder length! And so coincidentally, one of my fav blogger had a haircut too. Soul connection yaw! :D
Birthday is coming so soon. Personally don't fancy princess party, thus simple birthday dinner with the good friends will do. Simplicity with y brackets! Can't wait!!

Been in love with Kiko since her debut in Vivi. A trully amazing person. (: secretly wish to be someone like her. 

photos credit | pinterest | kiko mizuhara
xx, jo

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