Tuesday, February 23, 2016

feeling unalive

Hello there, how was your day? It has been years since I last blog here, abandoned blog. I'm feeling unalive. When did I start feeling this way, I don't know. I used to think a lot, so much about my future, worry bout things that I shouldn't be, but at least I felt great. Now, I'm a real-life zombie. I wake up everyday and not knowing how I spent the rest of my day and then go back to sleep. There's nothing that I'm looking forward to. I used to love fashion so much but I lost my passion. Whenever something happens I'll just ignore it and my senses told me not to give a fuck, and that's how it led me into a brain dead state. Stay alive Joann Loo. Such a shame to waste your days being this way. Aim high because you deserve all the goodness in the world. (:

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